Vegetable biryani on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Nairobi to London

Lest you think that Biryaniquest is running out of restaurants to review, let me remind you sternly of our motto: no place is too high or too low for our quest.  I refer to you my Waitrose post in case you need reminding.

So anyway – Virgin Atlantic flight back from Nairobi to London at the beginning of this year and all is well as we take our seats. Okay, if I must confess, things are going swimmingly for me as the son who is normally attached to me like a limpet for most of his life discovers his dad on plane journeys. They settle down together and discuss boring things like wing span, seating, turbulence, different types of 747s (if indeed there is such a thing) ad nauseum while I flake out and catch up on the latest films and my reading. It’s only when the meal trays start to arrive that we convene together as a family to find out who is having what. The son never has a child’s meal on an airplane as he thinks it is too infantile for his palate and so wants to make sure that he gets his money’s worth.

Anyway, I had overheard the cabin crew offering a vegetable biryani to a passenger a couple of rows ahead and decided I was going to have it. I don’t even remember what the other two had, because when my biryani turned up it was the most exquisite thing on earth – okay in the skies. I even offered both of them a bite so that they could taste for themselves. I did no such thing when I had a superb breakfast of Idli Wada (google it!) on a Jet Airways flight from India and they still haven’t forgiven me for it. Yes, our family has an airline food problem – we love it! And if you are interested, Jet Airways is top of our list for best in-flight food.

Back to the biryani though and here’s how it scored on the biryanometer.

Rice grain separation: 4/5

Veg harmony: 4/5

Spice blend perfection: 4/5

Potato content: 5/5

Fried onion finish: 5/5

Biryanometer rating:  4/5

So a brilliant rating but unfortunately the biryani is not available in a restaurant near you. Ah well…. we will just have to eat a few more!