Veg biryani at Lal Qila – guest post from the husband

Lal Qila Veg biryani

We are attempting to reduce carbs and thus reduce waistline and related matters. On January 2nd, following supermarket trip to re-stock I was shocked to find 3 small baby new potatoes in place of the usual 1.5kg budget pack. They are being rationed until Easter – the odd cube appears in various meals from time to time, 2.75 baby new potatoes are still in stock.

Which leads me neatly to Lal Qila’s veg biryani. One of the few that has potatoes and plenty of chopped chilli! As critical to a biryani as rice if you ask me. This was so exciting I forgot the fried onion whatever, and overlooked the presence of chole (= channa = chickpeas). Yes chole! No idea why but it kind of worked. Good use of fresh whole spices too. I thought it was a sound effort, it certainly eased my potato cravings. If any carb is to remain let it be the Aloo, King of Carbs.

Here is how I would score it on the wife’s biryanometer:

Potato content: 5/5

As a result all the rest fine by me

Overall rating: 3.8/5

Lal Qila I remembered from student days. What I didn’t remember is that we avoided it for some reason, (could be the weird tasting chicken tikka) in favour of a restaurant nearby which we thought was better.

Lal Qila has survived and the other hasn’t. Have I stumbled on their secret?