Radhe Traditional Indian foods (pure veg)


Obviously we pick one of the wettest days of the year to do our “admin” – defined in our household as mind-numbing tasks that are not related to eating, swimming, playing/watching cricket, cycling or going for a nice long walk. Continue reading

Veg biryani at Lal Qila – guest post from the husband

Lal Qila Veg biryani

We are attempting to reduce carbs and thus reduce waistline and related matters. On January 2nd, following supermarket trip to re-stock I was shocked to find 3 small baby new potatoes in place of the usual 1.5kg budget pack. They Continue reading

Hunting high and low… for the best biryani in London


This will be known as the weekend when the provincials hit town with a vengeance. Friday saw us in Streatham and Brixton as the son and I accompanied the husband for a business meeting. Yes, we are sad like that Continue reading

Vegetable biryani at Cochin Restaurant, Finchley

Veg biryani at Cochin Restaurant

There is an old Hindi saying….  this is an outright lie, I am just pretending to be intellectual. So let’s start again: There is an old Hindi song that talks about how innocent a moth is – it knows that Continue reading