Baingan Bhajjiyas

Baingan Bhajjiya

Walk through any Indian street during late morning or early evening and you are bound to get the delicious smell of deep-fried bhajjiyas bubbling away in big cauldrons of oil. I am catering to the masses here and calling them Continue reading

Batatachi Poli (potatoes in a roti) recipe

Batatachi Poli

My mum is in Switzerland at the moment spending quality time with her Swiss grandchild. The son is keeping an eagle eye on proceedings – not so much because he is possessive of his grand mum  but mainly because he Continue reading

Tayaba’s corn on the cob curry recipe

Corn on the cob curry

I have said this once and I will say it again: I absolutely love coconut in my curries. I first encountered a corn on the cob curry in Nairobi when we lived there for a year. The aunty who have Continue reading

Vimal’s Potato Curry recipe

Vimal's potato curry

On Friday this week, it will be three years since my dad passed away.  Fittingly for him, he died in the Wimbeldon fortnight (his last words to me were “Federer, Federer” ) as he was obsessed with sport and food. Continue reading