Sisi ni moja

Pole sana Kenya.

There’s been radio silence from this blog for a few days now. It seems trite, self-indulgent and totally pointless to blog about my opinions on food at a time when along with millions of other people I was anguished about the goings on in Nairobi.

And today, although the siege at Westgate Mall has ended – life is never going to be the same again. I felt the same after the terrorist attacks in Bombay in 2008, London 2005 and the bombings in Bombay in 1993 – not that these are the only incidents that have touched me personally.

Scores of people people face terror all too frequently in many parts of the world. This morning there are reports that after a severe earthquake in Pakistan killing 200 odd people, efforts to rescue the ones trapped under the rubble were hampered because militants were shooting at the rescue workers.


Kenya today is reverberating with cries of “Sisi ni moja” – “We are one”.

We should be.