Photo of lamb curry cooked for friends over the weekend

This post was supposed to come to you last night but an unexpected “IT issue” occurred. Okay, who am I kidding? Maybe if I say it fast it won’t hurt that much – Ibrokemyblogcompletelyandlostalldata. Yes, that will teach me to casually implement a theme update at 6pm in between dropping the son off somewhere and picking him up. After the initial hysteria, I am pleased to report that my brain cells have not deserted me in my middle age and I managed to sort it out. Although I think my recipes page in Internet Explorer is still a shrinking violet and is huddled up modestly to the left.

Talking about recipes – for a family that doesn’t eat lamb, we are becoming mildly obsessed with it. We were due to have friends home for dinner on Saturday and Sunday – and husband who had Friday off marched me to Waitrose and started examining a packet of Organic Welsh Lamb. Apparently I was to make a lamb curry from my recipe – Lamb curry for Jane. He then spent the afternoon, acting quite like our son, following me around and asking if he could cook the curry himself under my supervision.

Friday 6 pm found him with a mug of tea in his hand, leaning casually against the kitchen counter asking me to cut chillies  and to “chop them finely, so that the surface area increases, thereby increasing the heat”. Me? Chop the chillies?

Obviously our definitions of “cooking” and “supervision” don’t match. He was duly chucked out of the kitchen and I made the curry. The only difference from my initial recipe is that I added loads more chillies.

Don’t ask me how it tasted – but the friends and the husband said it was delicious.

So, that’s that.