Chicken Tikka Biryani at Bombay Masala, Whitecross Street

Bombay Masala Chicken tikka biryani

The husband impressed me the other day by coming back home with a biryani from Whitecross Street. Without being asked, without being reminded at least three times, and without calling me from the stall to confirm that I did indeed Continue reading

Yet another mouthwatering biryani recipe from Aunty G

Aunty G

You might recall the profound and momentous observation I made a couple of posts before this one? No?. To refresh your memory: I had an epiphany – biryanis in India taste better because the meat/veg component is fully integrated in Continue reading

The Accidental (and clueless) Biryani Maker – Guest blog by my friend Ali


I was once told that in order to be a very successful entrepreneur, it helps to be just a little bit clueless, the logic being you are more likely to take the necessary risks. So I have found on my Continue reading