Marks & Spencer Chicken Tikka Biryani


… and hello! Just taking a break from my tiger mum duties to tell you about the Marks & Spencer biryani.

In one word:  don’t.

Not now, not tomorrow, not EVER – unless of course you can persuade them to change the recipe. I can’t even begin to articulate the problems with it : suffice to say that it tasted like it was full of curry powder.

And so this is how the supermarket biryani leader board stands at the moment

1. Tesco – 7 points
2. Sainsbury: 6.5
3. Waitrose: 3.5
4. Marks Expensive: 1

Sad, but true.

Bye for now – must rush.

But there is so much to tell you about – I might have stopped blogging about biryanis but I am still eating them! Next time we meet, I will tell you about Darjeeling Express and her dum biryani.