Haldiram Minute Khana – Hyderabadi biryani

Haldirams Veg biryani

Biryani from a packet?, I hear you sniff. And why not? After all it is made by Haldirams.

To quote them:“Haldiram’s is one of the best known in Indian food. Our chefs take pleasure in perfecting your favourite dishes. Only the final finishing touch is reserved for you…”

The final finishing touch being decanting the packet into a container and heating it in a microwave for 3 minutes. Yup, anyone can do that…

We love Haldiram – mainly because it provides us with superb Indian junk food. Check out this link and have a close look at the products on the shelf. We eat ALL of them and always have a couple of packets in our secret goody drawer.

The son, of course, went a step further last year and insisted that I buy him their instant Paneer Makhani – again the finishing touches being three minutes in a microwave. He is now addicted to this and gets it as a treat along with MSG noodles, oh sorry – Maggi Noodles – after a brilliant swimming/cricket training session. Oh, come on, Michael Phelps lived mostly on pizzas for his entire swimming career; and MSD – our great Indian cricket captain describes himself on Twitter as being “perennially hungry for chicken butter masala”. Healthy is as healthy does.

Anyhow returning circuitously to the point – the only reason I wanted to try this biryani is because it is from Haldirams. And I love Haldirams – see above.

So how was it? Er, when the packet was opened it looked nothing like the lovely picture on the cover. Still, if you disregard this and the feeling that you are eating your rations around a campfire in Antarctica  – it is actually pretty decent.

And how do I rate it? Weellll – don’t want to subject poor old Haldiram’s to the biryanometer, but let’s just say that next time we are snowed in, this is not a bad thing to stock up on. Because even if you have no electricity and your microwave’s not working the Haldiram pouch can be warmed up in a bowl of water.

Antarctica rations anyone?