“Byrani from the Wok” at Indi-go Westfield

Chicken biryani from Indi-go WestfieldApologies in advance for a slightly distracted post. I have one eye out on Sachin Tendulkar’s batting against Australia and the other ensuring that the son has both his eyes and most of his brain on his homework and not on the Test Match.

So I guess, I could be writing this with my third eye – not a very surprising turn of events as I have been re-reading the Bhagvad Gita lately and perhaps my third eye has opened? Anyway jokes aside, Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita, lectures the warrior Arjuna on the meaning of life and the eternity of the soul. Whilst I have no clue at the moment about the eternity of my soul – the meaning of my life was very clear sometime last month when I had a superb chicken biryani at Indi-go in Westfield.

I found myself at Westfield Shopping Centre (yup, first time) mid-week on one of my days off work and after having shopped for all of 20 minutes followed my nose to the food corner. And lo and behold, I spied plates of tandoori paneer, and delicious looking chicken tikka being passed on to salivating customers. I took one look at the Indi-go menu and could have ordered the lot but for the arrival of the crabby husband who had finished a business meeting and wanted to rush home to meet the year-end accounting deadline. Sulking mightly, I quickly ordered the “Byrani from the wok” (yes, what’s with the spelling?) and took it home.

It was one of most delicious biryanis we’ve eaten in this country – absence of potatoes notwithstanding. The biryani was accompanied by a cool, refreshing mint raita and here is how it scored on the biryanometer:

Rice Grain separation – 5/5

Meat/veg harmony –4/5

Spice blend perfection – 4/5

Potatoes – NONE

Fried Onion Finish – 5/5 good

Wet/Dry Index – Just right

Overall – 4.5/5

The meaning of life is a bit clearer now – just have to work on the immortality of my soul and I am guessing lots of biryanis is not going to do it!

Ah, well.