Chicken Tikka Biryani from Tesco

TescoAnd to the pharmacy of our local Tesco to buy some non-preservative eye drops. At £10 a pop, is it any surprise that we landed up in the Indian ready meal section to recover from the shock?

The husband who treats Tesco as his preferred Kohinoor Basmati Rice vendor and nothing more (oh yes, there is a Sri Lankan chicken soup that he is very partial to) stood indifferently whilst I surveyed the Indian food and lunged for the biryani. It’s been a while since we’ve had a supermarket biryani, I thought, so why not this one. Hedging our bets as usual, we decided to have this as an accompaniment to something I had cooked at home and guess what – it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it ticked all our boxes barring the potato and the fried onion finish one. So, a very good effort all in all – and here’s how it scored:

Rice grain separation – 5/5

Meat/veg harmony –4/5 – the chicken pieces were very tender, although my grouse was that there were too large and not cut well.

Spice blend perfection – 4/5 – Good!

Potatoes – Boo!

Fried Onion Finish – NONE

Wet/Dry Index – Just right

Overall – 4/5

Will I be having this one again? Er – my eye drops run out in a month’s time. And they are still going to be £10, if not more.