Diwali Dahi Pohe breakfast


It’s not Diwali if there is no Dahi Pohe for breakfast immediately after our ritual, paste-and- scrub- heavy ex-foliating baths. Pohe are… just a sec! A quick look up on Wikipedia reveals that they, in fact, are ” a dehusked Continue reading

Aloo Bhajjiya

aloo bhajjiya

I have spent my entire life running away from the “Bharatiya Nari” tag. Translated as “the Indian woman”, it is widely interpreted as a good Indian “domesticated” woman. Yes, the same woman we see fast asleep on the morning commute Continue reading

Baingan Bhajjiyas

Baingan Bhajjiya

Walk through any Indian street during late morning or early evening and you are bound to get the delicious smell of deep-fried bhajjiyas bubbling away in big cauldrons of oil. I am catering to the masses here and calling them Continue reading

Egg Bread

egg bread

To Peterborough last Sunday for the son’s swimming competition and the burning question was “what about lunch?”. Burning for the supporters that is; the competitor was instructed by his coaches to carry bagels filled with chicken and cut into quarters. Continue reading

Chilli Paneer

Like other fellow Indians, the family is obsessed with Chinese food – hang on, better correct this to “Indo-Chinese” to acknowledge the fact that the Chinese food we eat in the motherland doesn’t taste anything like the real thing. Oh, Continue reading

Varan Bhath – Split yellow peas and rice

varan bhat

I have spent a large part of my graduate and post graduate years putting in the word “Indian” in application forms that asked for my religion and caste. Don’t know if application forms are different in India now but at Continue reading