Biryaniquest’s New Year’s Resolutions 2014!

londonWell it’s been a while, but never mind I am here now with an invitation to join me in Biryaniquest’s New Year’s Foodie Resolutions (cue, Ta –da music, flash lights etc)

  1. I will not flinch and act like I have acute appendicitis pain when people use the word “curry” to describe ALL Indian food.
  2. I will encourage the family not to over-order in Indian restaurants and come to terms with the fact that we are ordering for three people, not three families.
  3. I will stop eavesdropping on strangers having food-related conversations. Unlike the Indian aunty who had no problems advising husband and I on wholesale chocolate buying at Costco the other evening (good advice by the way!)
  4. I will stop saying “Are you hungry” every two minutes, when the son has friends over.
  5. I will stop pretending that I am following cricketers on Twitter because they are foodies.
  6. I will take a biryani-packed lunch to Lord’s if we get tickets for the England-India test.
  7. I will try (and obviously fail) to be less obsessive about biryanis.