Mutton marries rice at @DarjeelingExpress sumptuous Wedding Feast – Guest blog by Adam Baines

Adam Baines is passionate about Indian food and blogs as Goodkorma. Visit the About us section on his site for a great story! Asma Khan is @DarjeelingExpress on twitter. I understand her supper clubs are out of this world – Continue reading

Chicken dum biryani at Babur Restaurant


An invitation to Blackheath last weekend to visit some friends and take in their local firework display. The family treats it like yet another fraught expedition to back-of-beyond South London – meaning we will encounter the world’s worst traffic jam; Continue reading

Diwali Dahi Pohe breakfast


It’s not Diwali if there is no Dahi Pohe for breakfast immediately after our ritual, paste-and- scrub- heavy ex-foliating baths. Pohe are… just a sec! A quick look up on Wikipedia reveals that they, in fact, are ” a dehusked Continue reading

Aloo Bhajjiya

aloo bhajjiya

I have spent my entire life running away from the “Bharatiya Nari” tag. Translated as “the Indian woman”, it is widely interpreted as a good Indian “domesticated” woman. Yes, the same woman we see fast asleep on the morning commute Continue reading