Aloo Bhajjiya

aloo bhajjiyaI have spent my entire life running away from the “Bharatiya Nari” tag. Translated as “the Indian woman”, it is widely interpreted as a good Indian “domesticated” woman.

Yes, the same woman we see fast asleep on the morning commute in the local trains in Bombay because she has woken up at 4 am to make a hot tiffin lunch for her husband and kids. On the journey back home, this woman will dig out some raw vegetables, a steel plate and a knife from her mammoth bag and start chopping so that the aforementioned husband and kids can have their fresh dinner on time when they get home.

This woman I am definitely not (surprise, surprise!)

So, it was to much amusement that I came home from work one day and announced that in addition to the staple rice, dal and vegetables that we were to have for dinner that night (made by my mum) I was actually going to expend some effort and make hot potato bhajjiyas for everyone. My mother smirked with glee and made the dipping mixture for me following the same method as the Baingan Bhajjiyas in the recipe here. Of course, I substituted the aubergine with thin potato slices.

I finished deep frying the lot in 1 hour, 42 minutes and 10 seconds – my mother timed me to record the momentous event.

And on that note, Happy Diwali to you all!